New Irish Voices

A Discussion with Naoise Dolan and Alan Murrin
Sonntag, 17-18 Uhr, Großes Zelt
Moderation: Kate Ferguson

Ireland is a young and vibrant nation with a longstanding reputation for excellence in literature. Hear from contemporary Irish writers Naoise Dolan and Alan Murrin about their new works and writing in the context of a changing society on the edge of Europe.
Naoise Dolan was born in Dublin, Ireland. She writes fiction, essays, criticism and features for publications including The London Review of Books, the Guardian and Vogue.
Alan Murrin is an Irish writer based in Berlin. His debut novel, The Coast Road, is published by Bloomsbury in May 2024 and the German translation will be published by DTV in Spring 2025. His work has been shortlisted for short story of the year at the Irish Book Awards, and in 2023 he was a recipient of the Irish Arts Council Next Generation Award.

©Lena Obst

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